We Take Unwanted Animals!

Have animals you no longer can care for?

We are willing to take in your animals you need to find homes for. We have experience with exotic animals, wild animals, reptiles, birds and farm animals. Years of experience in hands on animal care and research for proper knowledge of animals to educate children and adults. We educate on both what it is like to have them as pets and what it is like for them in the wild.We also have experience in caring for wild baby animals, exotics and more! We have licences to obtain certain animals.

We welcome reptiles, rodents, exotics, birds or farm animals that could be used in our encounters. Please no Dogs or Domestic Cats. We ask that any animal offered be non aggressive,  non venemous or poisonus and in good health. Contact us and will see what we can do for you.



Recently Donated:


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